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All your products information, variables and procedures will be stored and dynamically managed with two different views.

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Two perspective of planning

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An integrated system

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How it works?

First, we get to know your organization.

First, we get to know your organization.

GenSYS stores and manages all the information about your assets – workstations, transport and material handling systems, warehouses, etc.

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Synchronizing shop floor activities will no longer be complex

Our system synchronizes all your shop floor activities with your production plan and scheduling algorithm. Avoid unnecessary movements or waiting times. You define the rules and GenSYS manages your shop floor.

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Avoid delivery delays and unsatisfied customers with a continuous-flow manufacturing system.

GenSYS provides you the most advanced sequencing and tracking algorithms to optimize your manufacturing processes and meet your customer expectations.

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Provide real-time data and transparency

Provide customized and real-time data based on visual management systems, alerts and dashboards designed to meet user needs.

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Evaluate your manufacturing costs

Trace your finished production orders and compare your standard with your real manufacturing costs. Evaluate your performance and improve your results.

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Main Features

Your system, your rules, your language.

How GenSYS controls your shop floor?

GenSYS applies an innovative model based on electronic kanbans
design for big and complex manufacturing environments.

Production Order

Provided/Coming from PPC area or imported from your ERP system, production orders are released to the shop floor.


GenSYS automatically creates production lots that optimise your manufacturing workflow.


Manufacturing Jobs are assigned to workstations according to its competences.

Production Kanban

Production Kanban represents an authorization for a station execute the operation.

Transport Kanban

Transport Kanban gives an authorization to execute a specific transport activity.

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Which stations are managed?

GenSYS controls all stations that affect your production system.

Workstations and equipment

Produce or perform productive tasks.

People and Teams

Workers, Maintenance, Changeover, Machine Preparation and Training teams.


Warehouses, Supermarkets, Transfer Points - manual or automatic.

Transport systems

From a traditional milkrun to a full automated AGV or robot.

External entities

Suppliers, transporters, etc.

Worried about software integrations and compatibility?

Get ready to automate your data input workflow.
GenSYS is 100% integrated with popular ERP and 3D Design Softwares.

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Organization Data Management

Define your own rules and represent your shop floor! Without coding skills! 

GenSYS is a flexible and adaptable system, which can be configurable by you not only to new products, but also to new equipment or organization processes.  

Manage the information about all your manufacturing and business assets – workstations, warehouses, transport and handling equipment, milk runs, maintenance and changeover teams, suppliers and customers. Then, GenSYS will synchronize all your assets activities! 

Shop Floor Activities Control

GenSYS synchronizes, integrates and controls all your shop floor activities, including workstations, logistic systems and warehouses – all based on an innovative and advanced electronic kanbans model! 

It includes: 

  • Workstations, lines, cells or equipment – manual or automatic; 
  • Supermarkets and warehouses – traditional, mechanized or fully automatic storage systems; 
  • Transport and handling systems – from a traditional milk runs to AGVs; 
  • Maintenance, changeover, and training teams; 

We provide terminals and dashboards tailored to meet multiple user needs – workers, logistic and warehouse teams, supervisors, chiefs or managers! Or, parametrize your own equipment communication model – link to Equipment Control. 

GenSYS Terminals provide to operators or equipment all the data needed about the products or operations to be done! Or even access to 3D files, PDFs, Videos, and so on!  

Digitalize your shop floor, implement a paperless manufacturing system and provide digital work instructions! Providing accurate and useful information to shop floor never has so quick 

Sequencing and Scheduling

GenSYS provides you the most advanced planning and scheduling (APS) algorithm to meet your needs and optimize the entire manufacturing process! Avoids delivery delays or unsatisfied customers with a continuous-flow manufacturing. 

Our algorithm reschedules in real time all orders taking into account customer delivery times, planned production orders, workstations competences and availably, sequenced jobs, changeover operations, and much more. 

Then, our system allocates and sequences your orders to workstations for the operations execution (kanbans), and control material movement between workstations and between, workstations and supermarkets or warehouses (transportation kanbans). 

The advanced APS algorithm enables users to aim for cutting edge factories using the most innovative lean strategies. As GenSYS controls all shop floor material an information flow using Just In Sequence models becomes a strong possibility. 

GenSYS goes even further! We will automate, integrate and synchronize all your shop floor entities activities with our scheduling and tracking algorithms! 

Shop Floor Activities Control

Trace your finished production operations and all types of activities occurring in the shop floor (parts movement, maintenance, unscheduled workstation stoppages, etc.).  

Evaluate and compare your standard times and costs with real times and costs. Also, evaluate your performance, attendance, nonproductive times and their causes.

Benefits of SFC

It’s simple, but powerful.

Digitalize your shop floor

Implement a paperless manufacturing system and provide digital work instructions.

Reduce non-productive times reduction

Avoiding wasted time waiting for components or poor work scheduling.

Synchronize your Shop Floor activities

Workstations, warehouses, transport and handling equipment, maintenance and changeover teams!

Ensure real-time monitoring and traceability

Monitor your shop floor and ensure needed information for further analysis.

Manage your warehouse and internal logistics teams

Avoid unnecessary movements and space.

Improve your Workflow

Avoid efforts caused by reword or incorrect information.

Increase your productivity

Improve your processes, improve your gains.

Other Funcional Areas

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Production Planning & Control

Inbound & Outbound Control

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