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We are a Smart Manufacturing Planning and Control System design for: Big and Complex manufacturing environments with high Product Diversity and Product Customization that MAKE THINGS HAPPEN in the Manufacturing Plant.

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Our Modules

Our Modules

Product Data Management

Production Planning and Control

Shop Floor Control

Our Services

The implementation of this IT solution along with consulting services in production organization and management, are some of the services that we provide to our customers in order to increase the performance and the reliability of their manufacturing systems.
GenSYS also has R&D and IT Development teams constantly working at new models, new algorithms, new functionalities and new capabilities to answer Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing Systems requirements.


The system proposed by GenSYS embodies a set of new Product Data Management, planning, control and production scheduling models that respond to Mass Customization.

IT Development

The problems of our customers are opportunities for improvement. Our job is to recognize standards in these problems and incorporate more comprehensive spectrum solutions.


The task of leading the implementation teams, as well as providing consulting services to clients and partners, will be carried out by the team of Consultants.​


Our training program is linked to the R&D teams and will have as main function to administer the training actions according to the objectives and programmatic contents.​

Our Leadership Team

António Brasil

António Brasil graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 2011 at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). António Brasil is the General Manager of Pinto Brasil and in 2016 he becomes the CEO of GenSYS.

Guilherme Pereira

Guilherme Pereira is associate professor at the Industrial Engineering Department of the School of Engineering and Pro-Rector for Institutional Assessment and Special Projects of the University of Minho.

José Amorim

José Armindo de Simas Bettencourt e Abreu Amorim graduated in Civil Engineering in 1994 at Sciences and Technological Faculty from Coimbra University and he is one of the co-founders of GenSYS.

Paulo Martins

Assistant Professor at the Department of Production and Systems/School of Engineering/University of Minho. Paulo has coordinated several other industry-driven Production Planning and Control Information Systems Implementation.

Join companies that used GenSYS to plan and control the shop floor

"GenSYS software solution for production management has been a relevant asset. Namely, regarding productive processes linkage, increasing efficiency and transparency throughout the production chain. GenSYS allows pull systems and FIFO LANES easy deployment and management. During the last 5 years the given support has been excellent and all problems are solve promptly."

Luís Pereira

Smart Manufacturing Control Specialist at Bosch Car Multimédia Portugal, S.A. | GenSYS Key User

"GenSYS provides full visibility of the shop floor and integrates all manufacturing processes. Data reliability, such as real-time stock, are some aspects that make easier to manage shop floor activities with this software."

Octávio Fernandes

Assembly and Finishing Supervisor at Pinto Brasil | GenSYS Work User

“GenSYS software allows Aqualantis to improve its manufacturing processes and overall productivity. The GenSYS deployment team demonstrates great skills in production planning and control processes, as well as high commitment to the project. Nowadays it is difficult to imagine how to manage our shop floor without GenSYS.”

Anibal Pacheco

Production Manager at Aquatlantis | GenSYS Manager User

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