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Product Data Management

All your products and items information, variables, materials and processes will be dynamically managed inside GenPDM.

How it works?

It’s simple, but powerful.

First, we get to know your products:​

In GenPDM stores all the information about your products. Raw materials, procedures and properties are managed inside this module. For GenSYS to work all this data must be stored intricately, to be able to connect this information with your logistics and production system.​

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Product diversity and Mass Customization
won't be a problem.

After your products being represented in GenPDM, your company manufacturing system will be ready to process an infinite number of new product variations, handling this diveristy and complexity with minimum effort for the users, and high manufacturing performance indicators.

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Main Features

Your system, your rules, your language.

How GenSYS manages your data?

GenSYS implements and implemented innovative models to deal efficiently with the information explosion caused by high diversity and personalized products - with a minimal effort by the user!


Represent your specific terminology, your language! The concepts used by your organization and the way they relate to one another are easily defined by the key users. Properties, attributes and behaviours are flexibly and dynamically represented.


Customize your products and define your management rules. GenPDM will automatically provide all needed information, bill of materials and manufacturing routing.


Identify and characterize all your products and items, froms raw materials to final products, semifinished, tools, sub-products or supply kits. Set your customization rules and manage all information!

Materials Components

Define all the materials, components, raw materials, tools and supply kits needed to manufacture your products. Set how it varies within the customization options and GenSYS will automatically generate a detailed Bill of Materials.


Identify and classify the different types of operations (internal or outsourced) necessary to characterize the processes of your manufacturing plant (execution times, operation sequences, components and tools, etc.).

An integrated system

Making this happen

The quantity, rigor and detail of information required to automate your planning activities and control your shop floor is key to digitalise your organization. Also, for the successful implementation of any Smart Manufacturing System.

Increase your company products diversity

Identify, characterize and manage the information about all your products and items, from raw materials to final products, tools, sub-products or supply kits, etc., which the organization deals with.

Bill of Materials

Define the item characteristics and rules of behaviour that allow the automatic generation of their detailed Bills of Materials. Everything based on your rules and with a minimal effort by the user!

Manufacturing Routing

Define the part characteristics and rules of behaviour that allow the automatic generation of detailed Process Plans (execution times, operation sequences, components and tools, etc.).

Benefits of GenPDM

It’s simple, but powerful.

Increase your company products diversity

And let GenSYS manage it for you!

Deal with product data explosion effectively

Provide all information needed to plan and control

Bring new business strategies and competitive advantages

Such as, entrance into new markets!

Increase your Shop Floor productivity

Normalizing Diversity and Managing Complexity.

Digitalize your product data

Avoid dispersed and disagrregated data.

Manage your processes data

Integrate product and processes data with the needed detail to control your shopfloor.

Increase data accuracy

Accurary and quality of product data - as long as it is integrated with remaining systems.

Integrate product data

Integrate product and shopfloor data into one single platform.

Worried about software integrations and compatibility?

GenSYS provides the necessary tools or APIs, and can be 100% integrated with
popular ERP and 3D Design Software.

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