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We are an innovative IT Solution for production planning and control in high product diversity and mass customization environments. The implementation of this IT solution along with consulting services in production orgnization and management, are some of the services that we provide to our customers in order to increase the performance and the reliability of their manufacturing systems.


Our Mission

Empower our customers with tools and knowledge to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their production planning and control system.


Our Vision

Provide smart, flexible, powerful and fully integrated IT systems, as pillars to create groundbreaking solutions to drive the production planning and control system of your manufacturing plant.

Our Services

IT Development

The system proposed by GenSYS embodies a set of new Product Data Management, planning, control and production scheduling models that respond to Mass Customization.


The problems of our customers are opportunities for improvement. Our job is to recognize standards in these problems and incorporate more comprehensive spectrum solutions.


The task of leading the implementation teams, as well as providing consulting services to clients and partners, will be carried out by the team of Consultants.


Our training program is linked to the R&D teams and will have as main function to administer the training actions according to the objectives and programmatic contents.

Our Team

  • GenPDM – Product Data Management

    Concepts and Attributes Representation of terminology specific to the organization and its meanings. Representation of the concepts used by organization and the way they relate to one another. Representation of the properties, attributes and behaviors wich are used flexibly and dynamically to characterize parts. Definition of Types of Operations Identification and classification of the different types of competencies, internal or outsourced, which the organization recognizes as necessary to characterize the operations of the...

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  • GenPPC – Production Planning and Control

    Commercial Management - Demand Forecasts and Orders Characterization of the client’s needs, represented in firm customer orders or demand forecasts. Definition and evaluation of the feasibility of the final product’s delivery plans. Costs and Budgeting It includes a set of tools that facilitate the evaluation of production costs for project budgeting and clients requests. Production Planning and Control (mid term) Master Production Scheduling, Material and Capacity Requirements Planning, Purchase and Production Order Launching. It includes...

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  • GenSFC – Shop Floor Control

    Production System Organization  Managemetn of the information about all the elements (work stations, warehouses, supermarkets, transport systems, milkruns, suppliers and clients) whose activities are coordinated by the system or that influence its condition. Production Programming Through Electronic Kanbans Allocation and sequencing of orders to work stations for the execution of operations (Kanbans). Allocation and sequencing of orders to move parts between work stations and between work stations and supermarkets or warehouses (transportation Kanbans). Kanban...

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GenSYS Presentation


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Our Media Room

GenSYS has been present in the program Tech3

Within the scope of the NOE project, TecMinho challenged GenSYS to present a success story in RTP3's Tech3 program that would inspire young entrepreneurs. GenSYS has created a generic system...

GenSYS sets up its business at Avepark

Gensys is a company that develops, commercializes and implements a computerized innovative system oriented to production management and planning in organizations, and is currently working from Avepark – Science and Technology...

GenSYS is now an accredited entity for the project “Vale Indústria 4.0”

GenSYS is part of the accredited entities list to provide services within the scope of the “Vale Indústria 4.0”, a measure within the Portugal 2020 Incentive Systems. This was a joint...




Avepark - Parque da Ciência e Tecnologia, Zona Industrial da Gandra,

4805-017 Guimarães - Portugal

P: +351 253 081 295

E-mail: geral@gensys.pt