Shop Floor Control

GenSFC – Shop Floor Control  

Production System Organization

Managemetn of the information about all the elements (work stations, warehouses, supermarkets, transport systems, milkruns, suppliers and clients) whose activities are coordinated by the system or that influence its condition.

Production Programming Through Electronic Kanbans

Allocation and sequencing of orders to work stations for the execution of operations (Kanbans). Allocation and sequencing of orders to move parts between work stations and between work stations and supermarkets or warehouses (transportation Kanbans).

Kanban Execution Monitoring

Identification of the real status of the production system. Traceability of concluded production operations and all types of activities occuring in the shop floor (parts movement, maintenance, unscheduled workstation stoppages, etc.). Evaluation and comparison of standard times and costs with real times and costs, as well as evaluation of performance and attendance, nonproductive times and their causes, etc.

System Execution Projection

Simulation tools that allows the user to predict the behavior of the scheduling system and to evaluate its future performance.

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