Production Planning and Control

GenPPC– Production Planning and Control  

Commercial Management Demand Forecasts and Orders

Characterization of the client’s needs, represented in firm customer orders or demand forecasts. Definition and evaluation of the feasibility of the final product’s delivery plans.

Costs and Budgeting

It includes a set of tools that facilitate the evaluation of production costs for project budgeting and clients requests.

Production Planning and Control (mid term)

Master Production Scheduling, Material and Capacity Requirements Planning, Purchase and Production Order Launching. It includes a set of functions that allow the identification of all the parts to be produced or bought, in which quantities and when to launch the production and purchase orders, based on the clients’ needs and the delivery plans established. The definition and evaluation  of the capacity requirements for the execution and the comparison between this and the installed capacity (internal or external) is another of the functionalities implemented.

Stock Control - Supermarket Entries, Movement, Inventory

Programming of the parts entries, parts movements to and from the supermarkets and the work stations, parts return to supermarkets and parts shelving are some of the functionalities implemented. Real time monitoring of inventory (quantities, volume, location) in warehouses or supermarkets. Parts inventory – raw materials, semi-finished, final and in-production parts.

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